How's Your Banwidth?

Complimentary WiFi is no longer a nice to's a standard. If you don't have it, better get it. But, with the proliferation of both notebook computer users and their appetite for user generated content, music and video your  next problem is likely to be how "long it takes to download anything". Check your speeds in various locations. Be sure to check at peak usage periods. High-speed "Broadband" is currently defined by the FCC (USA) as a minimum download time of 768 kbit/s. If you aren't achieving that, it might be the router, the actual pipe coming into the building (T-1, DSL, etc.), the amount of usage or a combination of all three. Broadband connections are quickly becoming standard in the home and office. So, it's sure to be noticed if not provided in a hotel.

A couple of places to check your speed: (try downloading the space shuttle image)