Nickels and Dimes

Airlines are broken...we all get that. Lots of reasons why...understand that too, although not as clearly. I don't think you move closer to solving the problems by drawing attention to something that is considered an inherently negative part of air travel...moving baggage. Charging for something that was previously "free" is dangerous, especially when that part of your service is already under heavy fire. Imagine paying a little extra for the that gracious TSA screening or for use of the on board lavatory. Moves like this are acts of desperation, and have nothing to do with improving the traveler experience. Things are definitely going to get worse before they improve, at least on the service front. Better have a sense of humor, like the attendant on my latest Southwest flight which welcomed us to Hawaii instead of Little Rock because of the delay in  our had to be there.

Not incidentally, yesterday I noticed two rather large pieces of luggage arrived at the Capital Hotel via Federal Express. Interesting that a different sort of transportation company stands to gain from this latest airline action.