How Many

How many arrivals did you have today? Departures? What was your occupancy last night? Last Week? How many covers did you have in the restaurant last night? What about beverage sales?

I bet you know the answers to all or most of these questions.  Not surprising since we operate in a culture of measurement...uber measurement in fact. But, what about who? As buying habits continue to move from mass to niche, do you really know your customer? Who is arriving? Who is having dinner? Who stayed last night.? Ar they repeat guests? Where did they come from? Why are they here? What do they like? What clues have we collected to enable us to surprise them? What time are they leaving? Where are they going from here?

Here's a test...if you or a member of your staff meets a guest in the lobby, could you hold a meaningful conversation with them?

Do you focus on how many, or who?...quite an important question.