Tough Times

Worried about the market chaos? The likelihood of travel cutbacks and reduced demand? I wouldn't be...not much you can do about it. What I would do however is lead a charge of flawless execution. Because that's what it's going to take to see you through.

Tough times are actually wonderful opportunities to build a business. While the competition is in cost cutting, hunker down, stay the course get better. You take some chances. You become even more fanatical about service. You demonstrate even more care for your employees and customers. And, you improve execution...of all of it. Meanwhile, your customers are worried, nervous, looking for value and safe harbor. Are they going to turn to someone with less staff, less hours and a marginalized product? Probably not. But, at the same time, people aren't going to change, take a chance, seek out something new either. Unless you give them reason to.

Now is precisely the time to try something new, add a new flavor, another ounce or make one more follow-up call. Now is the time to infuse more care and service into everything you do. Now is the time to do something...and do it well. That's what people are looking for.