A Reason

One of the things most coveted by a marketer is a reason...a reason to engage with people, and keep in touch. Without one, your sales call becomes a cold call, your trade show booth becomes a billboard, your encounter in the lobby seems scripted and odd. Without a reason, you're chance of making a meaningful connection with someone goes way down.

A common mistake is to make up a reason that has no benefit to the person we're talking with. Supposing someone wants to hear from you is not good enough. Ad's, billboards, and scripted check-in routines don't make much impact.

The reason I like to visit with guests and escort them to their rooms is it gives me a reason...an opportunity to send them a personal note, offer assurance that someone in the business cares and wants them to come back. Without a reason, it's a form letter and likely not even read. With a reason, it's anticipated and welcomed fan mail.