What's The Point Jam Session with 100 Mile Race Finisher, John Self

Just over two years ago John went for a 32 minute walk/run...he walked for 28 minutes and ran for 4 minutes. That day marked a dramatic shift in his life...and his purpose. He made a decision to stop letting excuses get in the way of doing something that mattered, prolonging his life and making a difference.

Earlier this month he completed the Umstead 100 mile endurance run in North Carolina. While this is certainly not the end of the journey, it was a monumental achievement and milestone. Surely, there will be many more to come.

If you need some inspiration to do meaningful work and to remove the everyday roadblocks which prevent you from achieving your dreams, please watch this. 

And pardon for some of the poor audio...that will be corrected for next time.

My next WTP Jam Session will be with +Michael Juiliano , better known as Hot Dog Mike. Schedule TBD.