Care Obsession

People notice caring. And analysis shows a clear correlation between caring and a person’s  willingness to pay a premium...through price, with their attention, loyalty and referral. 

Everyone and all organizations should care. But care isn’t easy. It requires thoughtful attention to detail…the kind of detail that exposes a clear focus on the receiver and not anyone else.  It requires emotion…the kind put forth by artists, people who do more than just show up, especially when no one is looking. It requires meaningful design…of processes and products that solve someone’s problem, perhaps one they haven’t thought of yet.

Care isn’t part-time. It’s not something you do just when most people show up…at prime time. It’s something you do all the time…and behind the scenes as well as on the main stage. It requires an obsessive focus by everyone in the organization all of the time in order to make a clear difference. 

If Care is built into your culture through everything you do…it gets noticed. It also gets noticed when you don’t.