What's It for?

Schools continue to teach students how to use a fax machine. Of course it's silly. But it happens. It happens because leading change is hard. It’s easier to maintain the status quo than convincing peers, bosses and going through the hard work and possible humility of changing a system. But also it’s about misunderstanding…what teaching is for. The fax machine is but one possible solution to a problem. The focus shouldn’t be on the fax machine. The point should be to let the students determine the most efficient, cost effective way to transfer documents and information between parties…to learn how to solve the problem. At a minimum list all the tools available and let them find their own way. My guess is the fax machine would end up somewhere near the telegraph. And maybe, just maybe the teacher would learn a new way…from the students.

What’s it for?…probably the most important question a teacher can ask…before they start teaching.