Make One

What would change about your offering if you could only make one?

What would change if your legacy was based on one performance? One interview, one record, one customer transaction, one sales pitch?

What would change about the packaging? The marketing, the advertising?

Would the cereal box look the same if it was meant for a specific child? How about a magazine? Or an airline flight?

Most marketers don’t have trouble making one. You can pour yourself into it...your purpose, your best focus and energy. You can spend more on making one thing work. The obvious problem is making it scale. The inherent problem with remarkably interesting stuff, stuff worth doing and talking about is that it isn’t easy to sustain. It’s far more manageable to do one of almost anything than multiples. So In order to scale we make sacrifices...and down the line the thing feels different than the first one.

The more your 5,000th one is like your only one, the better chance of making something personal that leads to meaningful change.

Now what will you change?