A Bad Day

Everyone has a lousy day. The one that doesn’t start right because the routine, the expected smoothness, a good night’s sleep or just simply feeling well was somehow interrupted. It’s a downward spiral. And we can’t wait to hit the reset button…when will this day end?

Of course having a bad day is a choice. We can stop it at anytime. One bad thing doesn’t need to lead to another. But sometimes we can’t break the chain. Sometimes we need a little help, a boost, some clarity…and someone to see what we are seeing, feel what we are feeling. We need someone to stop for a moment, take the time to notice, to see us as individuals and to care enough to offer to help, hoping to lift the burden in some small way. We need someone to make our day. And that someone might as well be you.

How can you change someone’s day for the better…today?