Show Us Something You've Made

Anything. A short movie, a table, a poem, a training pamphlet..a new dance move. The only requirements are original (untested and might not work) and actually released. 

The fear of acceptance, a bosses approval or status in the peer group is the biggest hurdle in trying something new. Creativity isn’t hard until it’s time to show it to someone. 

Leaders dance with this fear and know how to manage it. Status and acceptance is less important than making a difference. And making a difference requires creativity and bold moves into new and uncharted territory. Making something new is the only way to get there.

Leading change requires practice…lot’s of trial and error. It’s best to start with small bits and learn that non-acceptance, failure and ridicule doesn’t hurt as much as you thought. So go ahead…make some art, a new play, a blog post or whatever. Just make.