Effective Marketing

...is pretty straightforward.

  1. Design and build something worth talking about- Of course it will seem risky. But almost anything that matters enough to change people for the better might not work. And it’s precisely the reason we need you to do it anyway.

  2. Start with a small audience- Staying small isn’t always sustainable. But it’s the most practical way to get going to learn if you’ve chosen the right people and to see if what’s on offer is worth sharing. Big hits are rare and vastly overrated.

  3. Create a bargain- Value is different for everyone. It’s highly subjective and has almost nothing to do with the cost of making something. The goal is to make someone feel like they should have paid more for it. That’s fuel for coming back for more and for sharing the story. Your price doesn’t represent cheap...or expensive. It’s simply the point where the audience you’re serving still feels like it’s a bargain. As you’ve probably guessed this becomes harder to achieve with commodities...which really aren’t worth talking about until they’re nearly free. And that’s very hard to sustain.

Effective marketing is a choice. And it’s hard. But it’s the only way to create loyal, raving fans for something that matters.

Choose wisely.