I've been playing with this new app...Glympse. It's a GPS location service which tracks your phone as you drive. It's great for giving people a "glimpse" of where you are and how long it might take for you to arrive at your destination...home, work, hotel, etc.

There are numerous possible uses in hotel operations. Perhaps a driver tracking method. Ever wonder when the airport driver will return to the hotel? How about someone making a delivery?

Anyway, give it a whirl. And, let me know how you end up using it.





Hospitality Uses for iPhone #1...best way to show people pictures


Technology is great, especially when it helps you tell a story. And, the iPhone is really good at it...I think superior to my old Blackberry. One of the things I like to do is use my iPhone to show people pictures...it's like having a portable brochure or portfolio. I use it in the lobby, on a plane and even when I'm hosting a BBQ for my neighbors. I can imagine sales staff, concierge or anyone with an opportunity to spread the word using this tool.

I'll share other uses as I stumble onto them. Meanwhile, if you have any ideas, please pass them along.