Micro Branding

Change and Frustration

Liked this riff on new trends from Bronwyn McConville over on Triiibes...

Change: The infrastructure of massive connection is now real. People around the world have cell phones. The first internet generation is old enough to spend money, go to work and build companies. Industries are being built every day (and old ones are fading). The revolution is in full swing, and an entire generation is eager to change everything because of it. Hint: it won't look like the last one with a few bells and whistles added.

Frustration: Baby boomers are getting old. Dreams are fading, and so is health. Boomers love to whine and we love to imagine that we'll live forever and accomplish everything. This is the decade that reality kicks in. And, to top it off, savings are thin and resource availability isn't what it used to be. A lot of people ate their emergency rations during the last decade. Look for this frustration to be acted out in public, and often.

So, my add...

Massive Connection and Frustration equals more micro branding and more clutter than ever before. In other words, more and more people will "individualize" and it will be easier and easier to self promote...hence more clutter. Consequently, less and less room for average. Better choose the remarkable path.