Distractions and Considerations

There’s value in staying the course, tuning out the noise and keeping focus…when there’s a specific outcome in mind and a well researched plan to support it. Preparation and planning helps deal with the noise. Part of preparation is to understand the inevitable distractions, to recognize them as such and to move on with little or no fuss over them. Once underway, distractions are ignored. Only opportunities for a better outcome or a serious threat to it are considered. The ship has sailed, choppy water was expected and dismissed. Stay the course. But an ice berg...

However, distractions in advance have tremendous value. At this point, they aren’t distractions yet. They’re considerations. What if’s, crazy ideas, doomsday scenarios and the like are part of the thrashing which should occur before launch. Consider as much as possible while planning. Once underway, stay on point.