It's what stands in the way of achieving, and even pursuing, challenging goals. Naturally, we choose to stay comfortable if we have the option. That's why people can't lose weight, make a million dollars or just get out of bed earlier. It's not because we can't. We simply choose not to...we choose an easier path because it's more comfortable. Sometimes we're forced into an uncomfortable place...health scare, job loss, new kid's school schedule, etc. And, most of the time we seem to adjust...until we find comfortable again. 

So, the obvious questions is...how can you keep yourself uncomfortable enough, motivated enough to achieve remarkable and meaningful goals?

Dream Company

I’d probably call it Appelos...hybrid Apple and Zappos

It has nothing to do with computers or an internet store. It’s about their obsessions...

Apple- quality, innovation, design, spirit, growing the tribe

Zappos- employee care, employee dream fulfillment, customer engagement, pursuit of happiness

Obviously, both organizations have been very successful on every measure. But, they also both started at zero and went through serious dips before emerging into what we know today. The key takeaway is how they stuck to their core values and developed obsessions around them. They survived and made progress by ignoring popular trends and advice and simply (but not easily) doing flawless work. They executed their obsessions...and continue to do so.

Lesson...Write down your purpose, what you stand for. Develop obsessions and execute. There, that’s your business plan. Please go do something remarkable.

Why Your Company's Performance Matters

Your company wants you to perform at the top of your game. When you do, it greatly improves their chances of winning. But, why should you care? What's in it for you?

If you have 3 or so minutes to spare, here are my two cents on the matter...


Three takeaways from a presentation I attended today...

1. Standing behind a podium takes a lot away from the presentation...makes you look less confident.
2. There's no need for slides if you have great content and a compelling delivery.
3. Less is better- less words, shorter sentences...make your point quickly...no one has the time for more.

Enough said...