Hotel 2.0

Hotel 2.0 and Jaiku

If you haven't explored the Web 2.0 should. Even if you don't fancy some of this tech's changing the way the world works, listens and plays...that's a fact. I play with the new social tools as they're unveiled...sometimes before. I'll give you my objective (and sometimes biased) opinion of what to take seriously, and what to watch from a distance. I've added a new segment to our indieHotelier podcast to cover this quickly emerging and changing internet world.

To give you a taste, I've started using Jaiku. See the side bar to get a feel for what it does. We'll talk more about Jaiku, ustream, tumblr, etc., on this week's indieHotelier show...give you some insight into what these sites are about and how you might use them to engage with your audience.