One of my highest rewards is when someone asks..."How do you all do that?"

Well, if you ask me, I'll come explain...

Art of Hospitality

Good customer service is over rated, over hyped, over promised, and typically under delivered. Smiling, using someone's name three times and processing the transaction at lightening speed isn't remarkable. In fact, it's the new average. Your only chance to win is to do something extraordinarily different, to choose to deliver service beyond expectation and in a meaningful choose hospitality. Hospitality is what makes great companies great and gives them a long lasting advantage. Hence, the Art of Hospitality is my most sought after presentation. Customized to each audience, I use an interactive 90 minute dialogue to provide insight, strategy and practices to move your company beyond "good customer service"...which just isn't good enough anymore.

I've given this presentation to a wide variety of audiences, small and large. My most recent...

I also speak on these topics...

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Here's a you know what I sound and look like.