Elements of A Memorable Marketing Plan

Here is an overview of the key parts to a Memorable Marketing Plan. Notice the distinct absence of the traditional advertising and media sections.

Remarkable Product/Service

This is where it all starts. Without a product or service worth talking about, you’re doomed. No amount of advertising, gimmickry, or the like will make-up for a dull or inadequate product. So, get this part right for sure. The rest will be much easier if you do.

Memorable Delivery of the Product/Service

Okay, so you’ve created the next “Purple Cow”. Now, comes the really hard part…..making sure your delivery is memorable enough to compel folks to talk about you.

The Story

The Story is the culmination of the first two elements of the plan. It’s the emotional connection you make with your customer. It’s the “what” people say about you and “why” they say it, all wrapped up into one.

Spreading the Story

This is the only part of the plan which at all resembles what you learned in your Marketing 101 class. Please note that it comes LAST! If you don’t get the other parts right, you can forget about this section.

You spread the story by getting people to notice, and then to talk.

People notice you when they hear about you from someone they know and trust. It could be a friend, family member, colleague, or someone they pay for advice like a lawyer or travel agent. Or, it could be a “trusted source” like a popular magazine, club they belong to, etc. You get the picture…they have to be emotionally connected to the source somehow.

Once you do get some folks’ attention, be sure to make it easy for them to spread the word, and make it very clear what you want them to say. Give them fun things to hand-out, make it easy to tell the story (not complicated to risk getting screwed up), give them incentives, follow-up to be sure they have what they need and…..get feedback.

Unlike what ad execs and marketing professors will have you believe, this part of the plan is actually the easy part if you’ve done everything else right.

If you would like the full version, you can download the PDF here:

Download elements_of_a_memorable_marketing_plan.pdf