Tom Peters and Marriott

Tom Peters recently gave a talk to Marriott International. You can download the slides here.

If you follow Tom at all, you know the common rants (and they’re all spot on):

Emotional Experience
Commodities are dead
Be different
Be the brand
Personal service
Creative design
Women are the #1 marketing opportunity

One of my favorite slides…”How many of you really crave a new Chevy?”

So, at the conclusion of the speech, I wonder how many in the audience asked themselves “how in the hell are we going to do any of this?”

I know I did…back in 1994 when I was in his audience (worked for a small chain called Wyndham. You may have heard of them).

I don’t particularly crave a Chevy…or to stay in a Marriott.

But, that’s just me.