Leadership and Parenting

For all the bosses out there...

This is boiled down from a string of posts and comments at Tom Peters...and from my own Vanished manifesto (the short version):

Successful leaders are a lot like successful parents...they care for their team like children. Here's a brief list of what resonates for parents...and, as it turns-out, leaders:

  • encourage (try new things and to make mistakes)
  • teach (right and wrong)
  • discipline
  • learn (from them)
  • support (during good and bad)
  • have fun
  • color outside the lines
  • give (no return expected)
  • invest (time, money, emotion and energy)
  • play
  • patience
  • search (for the good)
  • understand
  • pray
  • love

...and, take the time to watch them dance.

I'm sure you know a few more...send them over.