School Should Be For...

  • creating generosity and making change.
  • developing leaders who know how to solve interesting problems…to change something for the better.
  • inspiring people to be generous, to connect with and to serve others

School should not be for…

  • memorizing the Bill of Rights
  • getting a really good ACT score
  • creating the facade that a degree entitles you to a great job or higher salary
  • developing a famous athletics program

If the activity, curriculum or program doesn’t directly facilitate the development of generous leaders who can solve interesting problems and affect change…it should probably be changed or removed. 

What does success look like…

If there’s not a waiting list (or at least a demonstrated desire) to enroll in the journey, i.e., the class, with a teacher or the school…there’s work to be done. If it’s not being talked about…change it. Start by asking…What is the for? And for Whom?