Kindness Is Free

This certainly sounds memorable to me, and perhaps a good start to fixing the broken health care system.

Thanks Tom.....

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Kindness Is Free

Our healthcare system—our biggest and most important industry, particularly as we rapidly age—needs a complete makeover. Funding? Sure, but that's not my gig. I'm Tommy Two-note. (1) Hospitals: Adopt rudimentary quality practices ... AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE 195,000 AMERICANS A YEAR YOU KILL, MANY THROUGH GROSS NEGLIGENCE. (2) Docs (and other co-conspirators): Shift focus—dramatically—from dosing, cutting and fixing-after-the-fact to Prevention, Wellness and Healing.
Some get it. Case in point: The supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Planetree Alliance. Started in San Francisco in 1981, Planetree (named for the Sycamore under which Hippocrates practiced) is now overseen by Griffin Health Services Corporation of Derby, CT. (Not so incidentally, Griffin Hospital is routinely named one of "The 100 Best Companies to Work For.")
In short, the Planetree approach focuses on healing, not just curing. The goal is a fully informed patient and family participating in every aspect of the diagnosis, treatment, healing, and subsequent wellness process. What can I say in less than 10,000 words? Do I start with the open nurses' stations, where patients are encouraged to hang out?

Be sure to check out the entire's worth it.