Someone asked me the other day, "why are you doing this?"

A simple, yet powerful question. And, important too. My answers:

To lead people to change the way they approach the idea of service and how to market service.
To improve service.
To improve work through happiness.
To move organizations forward.
To show people a new way.
To make a difference.

Many of my colleagues, friends and family have often suggested a career in academia for me. While I very much support all aspects of education, and really appreciate the benefits we receive from continued education and the institutions of higher learning, I believe I am most effective in the field, on the front lines, spending time with those who deliver your products and services everyday. And, I certainly stand to learn more working hand-in-hand with theese bright people than I would in the classroom. But, you never know what tomorrow brings.

Most of all, my "service" is a reaction to the deplorable service levels which surround us in every aspect of our lives. you probably don't need to think very hard about the last time a service provider really hacked you off. Conversely, try to recall an act of service brilliance? My bet is that there aren't nearly as many of the latter to choose from.

But, I could be wrong.