An open letter to bill gates

This is pretty damn good, Hugh....and, I haven't thought about it much, until now. Maybe we should spend more time asking our guests and customers what we should build next, and less time what they think about us. I think we could get the answer to the latter by asking the first question.

I'm going to think about this some more.

And, besides, I think a Tricorder would be pretty cool.

Link: gapingvoid: an open letter to bill gates.

an open letter to bill gates

Dear Bill,

First, thank you for all the Microsoft stuff I've used over the years. I assure you, it all came in handy one way or the other.

Microsoft keeps making new stuff in the hope that folks like me will buy it. Windows XP, Tablet PCs, all that good stuff. Sometimes you're successful, most of the time you're not. Sometimes Macintosh or some other competitor makes it too easy for folk like me to get their business, instead of yours. I'm sure this causes you concern on occasion.

So for next time, instead of you trying to guess what I'm in the market for, I thought it would save us both a lot of trouble if I just came out and told you staight out.

Mr Gates, I want you to build me a Tricorder.

You know the one- that wee gizmo on Star Trek that Mr Spock carried around with him. It basically did everything. It basically told him everything he needed to know. A wee computer, about the size of a small book. Very useful indeed.

Well, like Mr Spock, I need a wee gizmo that does everything. A combination of the following:

-digital camera
-palm pilot
-instant messenger
-web browser
-whatever else I can think of once I've had more coffee.

You get the idea- something roughly the size of a cellphone that "does everything".

Maybe with a plug-in desktop monitor and keyboard for the home and office etc.

If somebody steals my tricorder, I can just phone my number, punch in a secret pin code and you guys instantly freeze it and all its data for me. Plus the data's backed up on the desktop. Then you send a replacement right away. All paid for with insurance. No need to talk to anyone over the phone.

Sure, you may have to strike a deal with Apple, Nokia etc in order to get this made. Your lawyers may have to get themselves in a hissy fit about proprietory stuff but hey, I'm sure they'll make plenty of money sorting it out.

But yeah, please stop trying to re-invent the PC wheel and start working on the Tricorder instead. You and I will both be glad you did.


Hugh MacLeod