Faster Is Not Always Better

I recently read this bit of Travelocity misguided strategy at Hospitality Net. It might be slick, but I don’t think it’s what most of us want in a Travel Agent experience, not even at the corporate level. I think we want someone who demonstrates caring, attention to detail, superior knowledge of the destination and most of all, someone who takes the time to listen to us.

Here’s a key point from the story…

“The new Travelocity Business Mid-Office software, part of the eFulfillment suite, helps minimize the need for additional human intervention by automating routine but important tasks required after a traveler or an agent has booked a trip”

Faster does not normally lead to memorable service!

Here are some folks who are passionate about the travel business. They don’t try to make it quick, just better!

Rudi Steele, Rudi Steele Travel (Dallas, Texas)
Robin Sanders, Sanders Travel Centre (Fort Worth, Texas)
Jerry Pollyea, Pro Travel (Sherman Oaks, California)
Sue Bauer, All World Travel (Scottsdale, Arizona)