Wanna Go To Connecticut?


By its own admission, Connecticut has a tourism problem. But, they also have another problem...they don't understand why.

According to this news release, they think the bulk of the issue is the result of a declining ad budget. The story is full of misguided thoughts like these:

Connecticut is reworking its tourism strategy to compete with fellow Northeast destinations such as Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. However, the state is at a disadvantage because of budget constraints.

"Pennsylvania has a budget of $33 million for tourism, while Connecticut's is $4.4 million," said Dombroskas.

Because of the budget, a plan has been in progress to change the structure of the marketing strategy. The state is being divided into larger target regions rather than districts, and the tourism effort unites these regions with the state marketing efforts.

The television ads will premiere in the New York metropolitan area next week, and, judging by reactions from their competitors, the team believes it have a strong product.

"When a nearby state watched our new television ads, the room fell silent," said one tourism executive.

The streamlined ad campaigns will contain one logo that will tie together the new approach to gain visitors.

"People will see our logo on television and in print ads, and it will stick with them,"

Most of us know the real problem lies well within the confines of Connecticut's borders. And, that it's not the advertising. If people from neighboring states are looking past Connecticut for their vacation plans, it's because there are better things to do in other places. No amount of advertising or spin is going to make up for an inferior product. When I lived in the Northeast, I never had anyone tell me to go to CT for a must see or a weekend getaway. I wonder why?

So, my advice to CT...take some of the $4.4M and create something your neighbors are looking for, or better yet, haven't found yet. Then, get some influential people there so they can connect and spread the word.

By the way, the new website is a good start to a new direction, check it out...Visit Connecticut