Trust Me!


Relationships are about one thing…establishing trust. Every time we get to know someone, we move along a line, from skepticism…toward unwavering belief in their commitment to look out for us, and perhaps back again. We don’t always begin or finish at the ends. But, we definitely move back and forth to some degree:

People We Don’t Know (no trust)…………………Our Friends (Unquestionable Faith)

The key to business success is to make friends and keep them by developing relationships perpetuated by trust.

Think about it, buying and selling is all about trust. We listen closely to those we trust about what to buy, and when to buy it. We buy more from those we trust than from those we don’t. We even find ways to forgive when mistakes are made…if we trust them. It’s a quid pro quo world. Show me that you care about me, and I’ll do the same for you.

Strong relationships based on trust enable you to have meaningful conversations. Conversations allow you to ask questions, listen and interact. And, interactions allow you to demonstrate passion, creativity and caring. Together, they make people feel different and special, creating long-lasting memories…and loyalty for your product.

Here’s a good example of what happens when companies are genuinely interested in long lasting relationships with their customers…and, when they’re not…

Brand Investment