Hotel Opening Checklist

Occasionally, I receive a request for a hotel opening checklist. Over the past six or so years and with the help of numerous wonderful minds, I developed what I would consider a fairly comprehensive pre-opening road map (it’s only 1,416 line items, but it’s a start). Until now, I’ve used it and earlier versions to help employers, clients and close friends. I figure it’s time to do a better job of spreading ideas…so, for the next couple of weeks, my die hard blog fans will get first crack at it (you can find it in my downloads section in the right margin, or click here). After that, I plan on publicizing it’s availability for the general hotel public.

Read Me First Info:

This checklist is designed as a “template” and therefore it will require some tweaking on your part to make it fit your situation. In its current state, it’s best suited for a mid-sized full service property. But, it can easily be tailored to fit just about any property. The start date is randomly set at 1/1/04 simply to illustrate the timeline for each activity.

The original and much more functional file is in MS Project format. So, if you have access to that software (highly recommended if you’re planning a hotel project), please e-mail me and I’ll send you that version.

Good luck, and of course I’m open to critique, comment and suggestions.

Happy Independence Day!

(Update, 8/3/05) After a month of giving out a free prize, comments, feedback and some advice from friends, I've decided to market the functional version of the list. I'll be posting soon about the specifics.