Microbrand Fanatics

Successful companies have a very strong connection with their customers...their brand resonates clearly, and there is little ambiguity about the values they represent and the benefits of doing business with them. And, in large part, what makes up an organization's brand are bunches of microbrands...one for each person associated with the company. Microbrands define each of us through our actions, our stories, what we wear, how we handle pressure, whether we smile or frown. Some people understand the importance of building their own brand...how even the slightest change in behavior, presentation or approach can alter life in a big way. Others don't...they either don't understand how important they are to the system, or they simply don't care what people think about them. If they're lost, show them the way. If they don't care, get them off the bus.

One way to move your organization forward is to get people excited about their microbrands...get them consumed with the idea that they can make a difference....both for themselves, as well as your team. The best way to to do this is to get some examples, some microbrand fanatics, on the bus...so, they can evangelize for you. You need to find people who act like this...

They ask people (bosses, subordinates, customers, etc.) how they're doing?
They smile a lot
They communicate well
They experiment
They dress nicely
They're on-time
They help others
They're kind
They teach
They are committed to learning
They read
They don't whine
They solve problems
They take initiative
They take risks
They say "we" a lot
They say "I" very little
They're humble
They look to take blame
They offer others the credit
They're focused

Of course, there's more...but, you get the picture. Find people you're proud to be with...under all circumstances