Agency Problem

Some agencies haven't made the shift. They haven't embraced the idea that broadcast messaging is becoming less effective every day. They continue to develop the same ad campaigns, 1.0 websites and press releases. They buy 3 million dollar ad spots during the super bowl.

Connecting with an audience has always been the goal of promotion strategy. Not so long ago, shouting at people was your best chance of reaching them. Now, it's fast becoming the worst. It's a good thing technology has come to the rescue. It moves the power from the company to the customer and gives the little guy a chance. It allows a business to keep in touch with fans and find new ones without beating them over the head with the same message hundreds or thousands of times. It allows an agency to create a network of raving fans for a fraction of the cost of producing TV or print ads. The work isn't's just different. In fact, it's harder because it's personal. Sending handwritten thank you's is harder than email. Creating interesting blog posts is challenging...a banner ad campaign isn't. Visiting with each customer while they're in your shop and getting them to follow your blog is tough...buying an ad in the paper or sending direct mail to a chamber list isn't. 

Agencies can be wonderful. They open doors you can't. They know people you don't. And, some of them keenly understand the new marketing order. Be careful, some don't...choose wisely.

This post inspired by...Good News and Bad News on Marketing Budgets