Stories Need Refurbishing Too


Sometimes a story gets stale. And, when it does, you can either start over, add some flavor…or both. Take Pensacola, Florida (I spent my teenage years there) which has long been anchored around one story…Go Navy…and to a much lesser degree, a really nice beach with very mediocre amenities. For the last twenty or so years, the city has naively clung to the smoldering Navy theme while purposely neglecting the development of the true prize, the fabulous beach. They let the USS Lexington and a mock-up fleet of Christopher Columbus ships sail away to Corpus Christi, and watched areas like Destin and Panama City charge full-steam ahead to become the north Gulf Coast’s premier vacation destinations. Well, after a couple of nasty hurricanes, the wake-up call has finally been heard. Pensacola literally has a clean slate…and, it’s time to rebuild. But, unlike in years past where the focus was simply to put buildings back, the town has finally recognized the need for an overhaul…not only of the structures themselves, but the story altogether. They’re adding chapters like Oriskany…bravo! And, as far as amenities, there’s a plan for much more there too…1,200 rooms, shopping, recreational components, water parks, etc. It sounds like their headed for a first class family destination. About the only thing missing is Disney World…who knows, maybe that’s coming too.

When your planning renovations or a rebuild, be sure to check the heart and soul as well as the bricks, mortar and F,F&E. While not as clearly visible, those pieces tend to fade and wear over time as well.