Sales Job


Most people will tell you that “sales” is a tough job. Not really. It just depends on how you define “selling”. If you believe sales is the act of trying to convince someone you’ve never met to buy a product or service they have never heard of…that’s extremely challenging. But, I don’t call that selling. I call that a waste of time. It hardly ever works. And, in the process, you end-up alienating the vast majority of the people you reach. That’s what makes cold calling, junk mail and most of advertising such a dreadful experience…for everyone involved. Just remember the last time you hung-up on the late evening telemarketer.

Sales is not about forcing a non-buyer to be a buyer. It’s about making people feel comfortable…with you, and the idea of purchasing something they are already interested in. In a recent post, Seth points out that sales is an art form…I completely agree. Do the wrong things…and you never get past hello. Make people feel at ease and earn their trust…and you’ve got a real chance.