Meistro Mesnier at the Capital Lab

Every once in a while you have the rare opportunity to listen to someone magical. Dr. Roland Mesnier is exactly that type of person...I met him for the first time yesterday.

He, my friend, Chuck, and I spent about an hour together...I didn't do much talking, that would have been foolish. Of course, I enjoyed a few funnies about the behind the scenes goings on at the White House. But, the real treat was learning about his early career at some of the world's best hotels, including the Savoy and George V. We mixed it up about the lost art of hospitality and what's wrong with so many of the "chain" hotels today. He perfectly exemplified everything we so often find missing in our business...passion for excellence, strict adherence to what you stand for, and doing what you say you are going to do. My two cents...we've become asset managers, and have forgotten to be hoteliers.

If you get a chance to see Dr. Mesnier, I highly recommend it. It will be well worth the price of admission and your time. And, I'm sure you will come away as rejuvenated as I did.