Why Are Room Service Menus Boring?

Often, they're loaded with text, and stuck in an in-room directory or some other underwhelming book or binder. If you have an in-room dining experience worth talking about, you need to treat it as such...give people a path to find it.  Next time you decide to upgrade yours, consider:

  • using lots of photos
  • a personal note from the chef
  • chef signed copies for VIPS
  • adding guest comments to item descriptions
  • make it a stand alone item in the room, again, with a lot of visual appeal (photos, photos and more photos)
  • change the menu at least quarterly...add more photos (this doesn't need to be expensive...do it yourself)
  • add photos of the process...give people a place to go online to see a blog, guest reviews, newest items, etc.

Let me know if you have any other ideas...