Airlines Have Hope

Yeah!!!! Finally an airline employee who gets it. American....promote this guy to President, or something....

American pilot goes extra mile for passengers during long delay in Dallas - 03 Jul 03:00

American pilot goes extra mile for passengers during long delay in DallasBy Bryon Okada, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Texas
Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News
Jul. 3--Flight delays can frustrate travelers, but Dallas/Fort Worth Airport is still buzzing about a pilot who used the extra time to provide for his passengers.
On June 2, 56 passengers sitting aboard Oakland-bound American Airlines Flight 1463 had to wait 108 minutes. It was a beverage-only flight.
"And it became clear after about an hour of sitting there that people were getting hungry and this was going to be a pretty long night," Capt. Stephen Phelps recalls.
It was late, but Phelps went looking for food. He's a D/FW regular, so he knew about DFW TravelMart. (Store philosophy: "As long as there are passengers, we stay open.")
Phelps hustled from Terminal A to Terminal C, where store workers had his order of gourmet sandwiches and doughnuts ready.
Then the storm let up.
"I hailed down a golf cart, put all the sandwiches in the back and high-tailed it over to Terminal A," Phelps says.
The weather cooperated and the flight took off safely.
And that's how a two-hour delay became a customer-service sparkler.