The Robin Williams Effect


Have you ever wondered what makes Robin Williams so memorable? Even if you’re not a fan of his humor or acting style, it’s likely you remember him. And, what is it we remember about Mr. Williams? Is it the jokes? Nope…not likely. It’s the delivery. It’s how he tells jokes, how he behaves, how he makes us feel that is so memorable. It’s the sweat, the constant motion, the waving of extremities, the colorful attire and the facial expressions that so effectively communicate his passion for what he does. As he performs, he has us believing that he would rather be nowhere else than on that stage. He epitomizes the definition of “caring for your customer”.

Do you and your employees display this sort of passion when interacting with your guest?

If not, it’s time to refocus. No, in fact, it’s time to smash the camera and start over.

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