The Butter Story


If there’s no story behind the experience you’re selling, it’s going to be (or, has been) a tough road. Stories sell because they strike an emotional chord with your guest. More and more, it’s the “process” and the behind-the-scenes part of the experience which sets you apart from others, becomes the most memorable, and hence, is the most sought after.

For instance, take Animal Farm butter. It’s great butter to be sure. But, it also has a great story to tell. It’s produced from only seven cows on an organic farm in rural Vermont. No tractors, no fancy milking machines, just love and passion. In fact judging from the photo, I suspect Diane and her family care for those cows like children. I bet the Robin Williams Effect is in full swing up there.

The limited quantities make this butter very exclusive and very hard to get. How much do you think this story is worth?

Only three restaurants were smart enough (and lucky enough) to use this butter story to perpetuate their own. You can hear it at Keyah Grande, Per Se and French Laundry.

So, what’s your story?