Adaptation Revisited (Where Has Service Gone? #1)

After some further thought and a little editing of my earlier post, here's an expanded version of the "adaptation" principle.

Adaptation- Memorable Experiences are difficult to produce because they can’t be prescribed. It’s an evolutionary process which occurs by building relationships with customers and learning from our shared experiences with them. Every word and every action tells a story about an individual. And, every guest interaction is an opportunity to better understand the story and adapt new ways to exceed future expectations.

Of course, some of this process occurs before the guest actually arrives. That’s what makes it personal. But, there’s a fine line between knowing too little, and knowing too much. If you try too hard to know everything possible about the guest before they even get there, it’s likely the experience becomes prescribed where almost every expectation is executed according to a plan leaving little room for creating the “unexpected”.

It’s more than smiles and using someone’s name. It’s about paying close attention, and continually moving the experience along a path of higher and higher expectations.