Where Has Service Gone? #7

The last in my series....

SOP’s- While not necessarily intended to do so, systems and procedures often limit the passion and creativity of the best people in the organization. Standards and SOP’s should allow people to focus on building memorable experiences by serving as reminders or taking the guesswork out of recurring tasks, in essence minimizing left brain processes. Procedures shouldn’t stifle the artfulness of service or take anything away from a person’s ability to think on their feet. The right brain should be left free to infuse character and emotion into the guest experience, allowing those wonderful people you hired to really exercise their passion and build customer relationships.

Another problem…systems and technology are too often implemented to serve the Chiefs vs. the Indians. Terms like efficiency, cost savings, productivity, etc., rule when these processes are developed. If you’re serious about creating balance between consistency and freedom to think, start with some reflection with questions like this one…Why are people paid to perform functions instead of providing memorable experiences?